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Marching forward with a new site design.

I’ve been sitting down with the website code since August and I’ve finally got something that includes more of the features I wanted to use. Namely, being able to combine featured galleries, featured links, live stream online/offline notices and social media feeds on the landing page. Is it too dense? I hope not, but there will likely still be a few tweaks on the way over the month of March. Let me know what you think!

Original watercolor painting for auction!

The original watercolor painting “In Passing” is now up for bid in Changeling Artist Collective’s “Flora and Fauna” auction event. The event is open until noon on this Friday, February 17th. One bid has been placed already! Bid on “In Passing” here: LINK Or view the whole auction here: LINK Giclée prints are also available through INPRNT.