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I’ve created a new, cleaner website. Not all of the changes are in place, and I’ll be finishing things up over the course of the next month. Please enjoy these featured galleries, and email me if you’re looking for anything I’ve lost in the update!


A collection of small animals being studied in repurposed glassware by an amateur naturalist.

A gallery full of beasts, birds, and fantastical creatures.


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I have a Patreon!

It’s true! This Patreon campaign has actually been live for a few months already, but rather than promoting it right away I spent that time making and posting content and learning the system. A few people even found it anyway despite my lack of advertising (thank you, you wonderfully eager early birds)! If you join in April, you’ll see several months’ worth of my first steps in the Patreon arena. What kinds of behind-the-scenes work am I posting there? Extra sketchbook pages and time-lapse painting videos are the main current offerings. Now that the campaign is more officially live, I’m going to start offering a print discount code active the first week of each month. I would love to hear […]

Marching forward with a new site design.

I’ve been sitting down with the website code since August and I’ve finally got something that includes more of the features I wanted to use. Namely, being able to combine featured galleries, featured links, live stream online/offline notices and social media feeds on the landing page. Is it too dense? I hope not, but there will likely still be a few tweaks on the way over the month of March. Let me know what you think!